Any questions? Below are a list of frequently asked questions. For any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at your convenience. 

How old should children be in order to begin taking lessons?


Violin?... Children as young as 3-4 years old can start Suzuki violin lessons. Traditional and/or combination lessons are available for children at least 6 years old.


Piano?... Generally speaking, as long as children have basic reading skills, they can begin piano lessons. It helps if their attention span can easily handle half-hour lessons. It also helps if they have basic number skills.


Cello?... Children as young as 6


Guitar?... Children as young as 6


Art?... Children as young as 3


Do you teach home-schooled students?

Certainly. Those who can take lessons before “prime time” (before 3:00 p.m.) are especially welcome.


I’m an adult with not much music background. Can you start me in lessons?


Absolutely. it’s a cliche, but it’s true — you’re never too old to learn, even if you’ve never had music instruction before. Adults usually learn music concepts more quickly than children. Adults who can take lessons before “prime time” (before 3:00 p.m.) are especially welcome.


Do you rent or sell the instruments offered?


At AMA we only rent violins (highly encouraged for young children, since they tend to outgrow the instrument quickly).

Do your teachers give lessons in people’s homes?

Yes, occasionally and upon availability. We do recommend students coming to AMA.


Do you offer group lessons?


Absolutely. At AMA we offer private and group lessons for all programs.


How can I help my child learn?

Be supportive. Even if you are not musically inclined (and this applies to the violin/piano programs), you should encourage your child’s efforts. Find ways to praise your child and give occasional rewards. Do not threaten or use practice time as a punishment. Such actions make music study unpleasant, unrewarding, and almost always, unsuccessful. Encourage regular practice sessions. No one can "cram" for music lessons. it’s best to have regular, daily practice sessions. Someone who does not practice will not learn the material. But just practicing a certain amount of time each day does not guarantee success. Quality practice time is important. It is not necessary, however, to require a day’s practice be all at one time. Some children profit from two or three (shorter) practice sessions a day.


Should I attend my child’s lessons?


Parents are always welcome to attend their child’s lessons at AMA; However, doing so sometimes inhibits the child and makes the teacher’s job more difficult. This is especially true with adolescents. On the other hand, young children are sometimes more comfortable if a parent is present. Moreover, we encourage parents of younger children to attend class. Younger children will need assistance at home so it is important for parents to pay attention and become equally involved. If you do attend your child’s lessons, please let the teacher do the teaching. Be attentive; don’t work on your knitting or whatever. Such activities tell your child that you really don’t care about the lesson but are there just to keep an eye on them.



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